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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chaos and Humility

Today, more chaos reigned as I was informed that yes it would be advisable to take malaria prophylactics but they did not inform us because we needed to take them one month in advance. Neither was their information correct, nor their judgement good--that information should have been given to us, and it should have been our choice as to whether we would choose to camp in a malaria area without taking a prophylactic. Stststst; these so-called organizers are rank amateurs in my book, and also have not appeared to think out well the line between their and the participant's responsibilities.

More on that later and why rank amateurs should not organize international events of this magnitude--however, maybe they did n't want international visitors to come in the first place.

By the end of the day exhausted and with a split headache and swollen throat which has been bothering me since I arrived and I have been resting since then as well to get as recovered as I can, I returned to the cafe to meet our entire group, including 21 small farmers from further south of SLP. They were all so beautiful and all so reminded me of my Dad--in color--tan and height about 5'2, with cowboy hats and all male except for maybe three women and all so appearing to be salt of the earth type people that it immediately calmed me down to realize what the real issues were here; why we really were here and what was at stake.

I spent the day at the New Gold Mine in San Pedro about 10 km from San Luis. It is a gold and silver strip mine that has been operating since the 1550's, however, there isn't much gold or silver in it anymore but the Canadian owner keeps mining, going through about a ton of material per day for about 2 grams of gold or silver, well below Europena mining standards.

My hosts, James and Mario from the F.A.O., the group opposing the mine, described the gross human and environmental rights violated by the mine and its workers as well as oppression, alleged murders and illegal confiscation of land, the displacement of people, the destruction of land. peoples and culture for money essentially.

Will write more later. Now going to sleep.

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