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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feeling Misused by International Organizations and their USA Members

Feeling Misused and Mistreated by International Organizations and their US Members

Before I continue telling the story of my trip on the international caravans for social and environmental justice to Cancun and the People's Forum, I do want to say more about the extreme disorganization, lack of information, difficulty in communication and obtaining information in seeking to join one of the international caravans and participate in the people's forum. These difficulties and failure caused me to feel misused and mistreated by these large international organizations and particularly their USA members. I felt as if I were a pawn or toy being tossed about more powerful organizations and persons than myself with interests and agendas which had nothing to do with me and with which I wanted no involvement. Nonetheless and unfortunately, I found myself in the middle of some vortex of competition for power, dominance and resources which compromised my health, security, well-being and financial situation as well as that of others. Nor was I alone, as this sentiment was expressed by others in the delegations.

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