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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Planeta o Muerte"

Last night in Cancun at the Alternative Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice, I heard one of the most stirring calls to action I have ever heard. President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia addressed the forum in person and vowed to fight and build for Mother Earth to death. I was so excited I could hardly sleep and I had to and still have to keep the tears back.

Surrounded by hundreds, if not more than a thousand indigenous people from Latin America and particularly Bolivia, playing indigenous music and dressed in beautiful traditional clothing, as well as others, President Morales, dressed simply in a white shirt with a flower lei around his neck, promised the crowd and the people of the world to fight for Mother Earth until death. Similar to saying "Give me liberty or give me death,” President Morales basically said "Give me the true protection of our planet, Mother Earth, our home or give me death." It was a brilliant moment of the commitment of his nation and himself to lead the fight for reforming our way of life to revolve around protecting the planet, our home and serving all the people of the world, not just some.

President Morales denounced capitalism and its gross consumption as the root cause of global warming, poverty and injustice around the world. We cannot look to capitalism, therefore, he said, to fix capitalism itself. He denounced the market based solutions to global warming proposed by the industrialized nations.

Instead, he called for a new socialism, which not only addressed inequity between the classes, but which addressed our exploitative and destructive relationship with our home, our “casa,” our planet. He called for solutions to replace failed and failing unjust capitalist mechanisms such as a bank of the Global South to replace the corrupt World Bank and International Monetary Fund which would fund projects to develop the people and lift them out of poverty. He also called on the world to support small farmers and peasants as the way forward to both feed the Earth’s people and care for the planet. It is these peasants and small farmers who care for the earth because they depend on it to live, he said. He has a vision of cooperation, not competition and equality, not domination and exploitation.

I hear President Evo Morale’s speech as a follow up on the Cochabamba's People's Agreement this spring as well as leading the charge against the mega corporate domination of the world and our governments. I hear it is a call for true democracy not a fa├žade and for a truly democratic solution to climate change that restructures our way of life for our survival.

I am still on my way home, but just had to share this speech with you all. I am sure it is all over you tube now and will send you a link when I have time to research it.

I am deeply impressed and inspired by President Morales' leadership. He leads at great risk to himself. He spoke of attempted coups of his government by outside forces that he had recently been averted and referred to the wiki leaks documents that revealed that the United States and other governments of the wealthier nations were seeking to “neutralize” him and the President of Ecuador. All he seeks is a decent life for his and all people, and that we live in a way that will preserve all our lives.

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