Family Farm Defenders (Kansas Chapter)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

  • Join AyeNay Abye, National Field Director, 
    on KKFI 
    Sat. 2/2 at 
    4pm CT. 
    To listen via internet

    Aye Nay Abye National Field Director Praxis will be on KKFI this Saturday at 4pm CT talking about her upcoming speaking engagement on Black Food and Health Sovereignty and Justice in KC MO on Friday feb 8th at 6 pm at the Clymer Center 13th and Paseo where she will be joined by Malik Yakini, ED of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, Ife Kilimanjaro of the Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Council, Rose Brewer of Afro Eco of Minneapolis Minnesota, Adenike Amen Ra of Amen Par Ankh Farm and others. The Clymer Center is located in the Theron B. Watkins family development.

    Ms. Abye will be discussing her work and the work of the Praxis Project which is a nonprofit movement support intermediary and an institution of color that supports organizing and change work at local, regional and national levels. Specifically she will be discussing how KC's Black poorest communities can organize themselves to build their power to change the social determinants of health for food and health justice. Ms. Abye will be appearing in KC and talking at the Clymer Center Friday Feb 8th as part of the Niles Home for Children Neighborhood Access to Healthy Foods Program.

    Focused on movement building for fundamental change, the mission of the Praxis Project is to build healthy communities by changing the power relationships between people of color and the institutional structures that affect their lives.

    "Healing what really makes us sick. It is no secret that across nearly every indicator of health status, low income people and people of color are more likely to be sick, injured, or die prematurely. Social determinants – where we live, our race and gender, our employment and income status, even our access to democratic participation are critical factors in our health status. Improving health status will require addressing these root causes through sustained action for change that transforms the current systems of neglect, bias, and privilege into systems – policies, practices, institutions – into a social contract that truly supports health for all."

    "The Praxis Project internationally recognized staff employ their broad experience in training, advocacy, policy development, media relations and technical assistance to support local organizations as they work to advance their vision of a healthy, just community."

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