Please share with Black Folks.

Roots and Remedies2 Gathering  Friday July 26-28 2013 San Antonio, Texas
Trinity College
12:45 to 3:00 pm

Agenda for Black Caucus on Food, Health, Agriculture and the Environment
in honor of
Trayvon Martin and Black Youth (Our Beloveds) 
Social peace is a prerequisite for food and health justice and sovereignty.

Do we want to organize ourselves to build our collective power to transform the power relationships and structures that determine our health?
This is a proposed self-organizing session for Black folks and predominantly Black organizations to explore how we might organize ourselves to build our collective power to transform the power relationships and institutional structures that determine:

1. our basic human right to sufficient amounts of healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate food;
2. our access to land, credit, training and everything needed to farm and garden;
3. social peace, a prerequisite for food sovereignty;
4. livelihoods with justice for family farmers and food and farmworkers;
5. a people's democratically controlled food and agriculture policy instead of a big corporate controlled food and ag policy;
6. fair not free trade
7. a healthy, fair, just and sustainable food and farm policy;and
8. respect for all animal life.
9. Other goals?

We will leave this session with:

·         a sign in sheet of everyone’s name, address, phone number and email of who is interested in continuing to explore how we might work together to pursue our mutual goals.  
·        volunteer to host monthly teleconferences for the purpose of continuing to organize ourselves. 
·         commitments  to attending some upcoming events to get together again to continue this caucus building process.
o   October 2013 Growing Food and Justice Initiative;
o   8-10 November is the Black Farmers Gathering in NY.  There will probably be no funding for transportation for participants;
early December 2013, US Human Rights Network Conference in Atlanta--Black Organization
                    o   Other gatherings people know about?
Agenda for the Caucus:
(5 minutes) A moment of spiritual inspiration—poem, song, prayer in honor of our Trayvon Martin and our children and families to reaffirm our humanity amidst brutality and exploitation.

(5 minutes) Can someone take notes and share with the group via email afterwords? 

We will form a circle and go around the circle to give everyone a chance to share.

(15 minutes) 1.       Pass out note cards for jotting down ideas.   Share the questions in advance with everyone and give them five minutes (or more depending on how much time we have)  to think about their responses and jot down some ideas for responses on their notecards.  
  • Ask group for any suggestions for how to conduct this session? 
  • Who needs to be in this conversation and is not?
  • Introductions, contact info, pass out cards.Describe your work and the problems it addresses, your target population, yourself, contact information, how you seek to address the problems, obstacles and needs;   
  •  How might a National/Regional  Black Caucus help you meet your needs? How do you see that we might work together to support you in your work and achieve our organizations’ missions.

(15 minutes)2.1       Specific pledges people can make as to what they can do to further build a caucus to support our work..    
  • Talk specifically about resources and funding our work
  • When can we meet again to continue this process?
  •                       Growing Food and Justice Initiative October 2013;
                                   Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners 8 November New York.
                                   US Human Rights Network Dec 9 2013 Atlanta, Scholarships Available

 2.2.   Can anyone manage the list serve?  host a monthly teleconference? other actions to organize us?  If we don;t have the resources to follow up, how can we get them?

Break (10 minutes)

(60 minutes) 3. Our next collective step.  When can we meet again at this conference-Saturday during different times? Sunday morning?  After the conference?  Commitments. 
(5 minutes).  Solicit final last word from everyone.  .
(5 minutes) Close:    Another spiritual moment to reaffirm our humanity in the face of inhumanity.  And well wishing to everyone and thanks to everyone—especially Praxis for allowing us to use their space and providing us financial support to come together.