Pictures below of Striking Fast Food Workers--the color of injustice.

 The Face of Fast Food? 
"I  Am A Woman" to protest modern day slavery.

 Minimum wage--$7.35 an hour while the fast food industry makes billions and destroys our health--all subsidized by our government--our tax dollars.

(By the way US Farm Bill subsidies of billions go toward soybeans and corn crops grown with heavy pesticides and herbicides which become the heavily processed food stuffs-not food, that end up in fast food and are primarily responsible for the decline in our health, i.e., diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, hypertension and cancers--and yes all disproportionately impacting we Black folks--not just locally and nationally, but globally.)

Part time, no benefits, race and gender  discrimination and exploitation, stolen wages, sexual harrassment, child labor, retaliatory firings and more. 

Many fast food workers qualify for food stamps and medicaid.

Is this the food system for the so-called "greatest nation on Earth?"

Our education system is failing our children who then have no options but to work for fast food and other low wage paying jobs.  Food worker jobs are the fastest growing job segment in the economy. $7 to $13 an hour jobs replaced the $14 to $23 an hour jobs that were lost in the recession as well as temp jobs.

If you are mad, stay cool, act smart and channel that energy.  

Support striking food workers  here in KC by coming to the rally today, Tuesday July 30th, between 2:15 and 4:30 in Gilham park in KC MO.  Can't make it, let a friend know, sign the petition to support increasing the wage for fast workers, 26, 000 in KC alone.

Let others know about this and invite them to join our list serves, KCFood Justice, by sending their email to Do anything you can think of to support our people--just telling a family member or friend.

Thank you for any consideration you give my request.  Peace, love, health and wealth to you and your families.