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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Charade of Democracy--9/2013 Most Recent Threat to Cut Food Stamps?

A Charade of Democracy--threat to Cut food stamps?  

I suspect the proposed food stamp cuts are a grand manipulation of the American people. Food stamps primarily benefit Walmart, grocers and some farmers. Walmart is the number 1 lobbyist for food stamps according to Charity Mahouna Hicks Eat4Health Food Fellow of Eastern East Michigan Environmental Action Council - EMEAC.

I very seriously doubt that Walmart is going to get thus screwed.

But what might happen is the charade of democracy, i.e., Obama runs in and vetoes the bill, etc etc and the pantomime of different parties is played out for the American people and the world to believe we really have democracy and choice , when in the end the giant corporations win again.

The benefits themselves for those who are hungry are a mere pittance and not enough to actually provide the nutritional sustenance humans need. But Walmart and grocers make a cool profit. They also rely on these subsidies to provide for their "poverty workers."

It might also end in a ploy to cut food stamps some but not as much as proposed.

The cuts also have a disproportionate impact on Indigenous, Black, Latino and Some Asian groups.

What do you think? Let's see how this plays out and if they really cut food stamps or if this is just a manipulation and playing out of the facade of democracy that we have not.

US HOUSE Proposes cutting 3.8 million people from food stamps. Having previously fa of the American people. iled to pass a farm bill, the US House has now proposed a bill that would cut 3.8 million people, mostly children, the disabled and the elderly, from food stamps. Aside from being cruel and thoughtless, the proposed cuts will also damage the economy and hurt farmers and grocers.

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