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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The End of Blackness?

Draft-- some ideas surfacing..
Deeply concerned about the future of our people (and all people). I fear I am watching the disappearance of Black people; not the disappearance of racism against Black people, but the disappearance of the Black identity as a platform to address this systemic, continuing and increasing, widespread decimation of our people. I am deeply concerned that as this "identity" is dismantled--not by true resolution, but by a co-optation of the fight--the Black people who are left in the hoods and the woods, living in deep urban and rural poverty, subject to violence and deep deep oppression and systemic and systematic injustice and outright evil sadism, housing and every form of injustice known to humanity--right here in Kansas City and all over the USA (and world) --will never escape. They and their children will never escape the brutality, exploitation by their human (and often Black as well) brothers and sisters. All those beautiful children or many of them, with their lust for life and self development, their striving to express and grow themselves and their search for love and cultivation, will languish by 17 or 18 on the door steps of USA's great wealth, privilege and its only for me policies. That is, if they are not dead already.
I believe I have witnessed this very same thing happen to  the indigenous people of this and every continent whose oppression has been almost complete to the point of obliteration, and rarely mentioned when people talk about injustice. Their voices silenced and the plight of their people. (But the problem is their plight is the plight of all people.  What happens to them simply forecasts the future of all of us, because one day there will be noone left to oppress but 'us."
Well, that is not happening to us; look we have a Black President. Yes a Black President, the perfect strategy of comlet co-optation. Haivng a Black President has not improved the condition of Black peole in this country; just as perhpas having a whit preseident did not improve the condition of white people in this country. Presidents serve and are bought and paid for the 1% or as a colleagues said, the 1/10th of one per cent who reul this country and large swaths of humanity if not all of humanity--through military power bacinkg economic power.  They have benefitted under Obama's presidency.

Black politicans are false solutions; they always have and will be, from the local to the global levels.  

Building our power from the bottom up is the real solution andnot one the one tenth of 1% supports.

Why should you care? So what if we loose a few million people; it is happening all over the world; Many Blacks have made it out and live in the middle class; they can carry the torch forward. So what?

Well, first of all it is heartbreaking to watch. (But why should you care, you don;t see it? You live in a nice neighborhood and you and your kids are flourishing.)

Well, second, we can't afford to lose any talent, ability in this struggle to build a better world. Well, okay, humm ,heehaw, things seem to be getting better--at least for some.

Well, here is the rubb and the real story, the real low down. If it can happen to and is happening to them; it can and iwill happen to us. Today it is "them;" tomorrow it is "us."

Have you heard the sayings from Nazi Gernany, first they come for the whomever and I did not protest; then they came for the whomever and I did not protest; finally they came for me, and there was no one to support or something like that....

If we don;t stand upfor the least of us; nest it will be us.

Well okay , hee hum, hee haw; they are not coming for me and mine right now; we got out, so why should I care and I don;t really buy or get this.

Well, all I can say is that is the best I got; if we don;t stop injustice anywhere it will one day be barking at our door or the door of our descendants and if you don;t care or get it--like most folks--then it will be spreading in essence.

And I apologize to you and others, that I am not smart enough to get you to care and to stand up and against this probelm I see happening.

And maybe too I am wrong; maybe I am overreacting, maybe,,,,everything is alright. (Well, we know that isn't true--don;t we?)

In any case, I remain deeply disturbed by what I see and deeply moved by the plight of the seeds of our desire, our youth and their plight as they struggle to fulfill their human potential.

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