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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Powerful Black Food Sovereignty Activist/ Farmer Blain Snipstal Deconstructs History of Black Farming in the USA and La Via Campesina

Powerful  Black Food Sovereignty Activist/ Farmer Blain Snipstal Deconstructs History of Black Farming in the USA and more

Please share widely and lift up the work of our young brother.  Doesn't this give you hope for the future? It does for me.


Our young (24) brother, Blain Snipstal, return to the land farmer at five seed farm in Baltimore is living Black Food Sovereignty and Black Food Justice ! This is powerful and this is our future.  HOTEP.

Blain Snipstal was a student at Baker University in Kansas where he graduated in 2010. He helped me start Local to Global Advocates for Justice based here in KC, KS which is dedicated to giving a platform to Black folks to organize ourselves from the local to the global levels for Black food sovereignty and Black food justice , the Black people's supreme, just, fair, healthy and sustainable  power over their food and agriculture.

Blain joined a delegation which included myself  in Cancun, Mexico for the La Via Campesina People's Forum at the UN Climate Change Conference there that year. At the 2010 LVC's  People Forum in Cancun, Blain spoke for the US and said in effect, but much more simply and eloquently, , "We need to revolve our food and agriculture around the children; they are the most important." The mostly Latin American and radical crowd, subjected to much US business and government oppression and exploitation, , started to boo when the US was announced, but then cheered when Blain spoke so eloquently and passionately for the children of the world.  It was moving.

We are deeply grateful for his vision, commitment, integrity and leadership.

He makes me want to farm again. Please support and listen.  If the link does not work, simply copy and post the link in your browser.

thank you in advance for any consideration you give my request. 

with new hope,

Maria Whittaker, President
Local to Global Advocates for Justice
KC Food Justice
3156 Wood View Ridge Drive Suite 206
Kansas City, KS 66103
913 945 1333


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