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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Black Liberation and the Sustainable Agriculture Movement: Working Together for Sustainability and Social Justice

Black Liberation and Sustainable Agriculture

Judy Hatcher, ED, Pesticide Action Network North America, writes about her anti apartheid activism in the 70's and 80's and how it relates to her and PANNA's work now to protect communities from harm imposed by pesticides.

(To me, this illustrates what  we can build for our goals of liberation for Black and all people and sustainability with justice if we work together in mutual power.  I deeply applaud PANNA's and ED Hatcher's vision of melding Black Liberation with their mission of protecting communities from harm imposed by pesticides. )

ED Hatcher writes in her recent blog:.

"Coming of age in the seventies and eighties, I was an anti-apartheid activist... And PAN’s (Pesticide Action Network's) work around the world — to both protect communities from harm imposed by pesticide corporations and support ecological, sustaining food production — is a natural outgrowth of the grassroots-powered solidarity movements of past decades in at least three different ways.
1. We take cues from affected communities;
2. 'Think globally, act locally' — more than just a bumper sticker;
When people mobilize they can force the powers-that-be to pay attention to historically ignored injustices...
3. Human rights & economic justice issues are deeply intertwined.

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