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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Legacy of the 60's and 70's Black American Anti-racism Social Justice Movement?

Free thinking..

Legacy of the 60's and 70's Black American Anti-racism Social Justice Movement

I am deeply concerned about the legacy of those Black civil rights activists of the 60's and 70's who fought for Black liberation.

  • Co--optation
  • Black politicians like white politicians who do not serve the people
  • Black elite who have no social conscious like their white counterparts
  • Black youth with no "Black" identity, no understanding of how they got they opportunity they have
  • White led social justice movements
  • Whites do not understand or acknowledge what these social justice movements did for them in terms of making the field more fair for everyone and lifting many more people of all races out of poverty
  •  and the liberation of our and all people is not done.

It seems real change was not achieved. Rather, what was achieved was giving some Black folks the opportunity to  enrich themselves without thought for others.

Is that the American dream?
It is not mine and it is not what I am working for.

As Savi Horne said when I first met her, "My life's work cannot be so that the Black boys can do the same thing the white boys do."

Visions of a movement for social justice and a better way of life that cherishes life, health, love, families and children,  and sharing.

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