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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nelson Mandela, Black Liberation and the Food Movements

The Food Movement desperately needs to honor the unsung everyday heroes, communities, nations, groups, tribes and people, still living and sacrificing amongst us, who in their every day lives, exemplify the legacy of Nelson Mandela, his community,people, and nation, who fought for the liberation of Black peoples as part of the struggle of all humanity and people of all races and ethnicity for justice, including food justice, freedom and love, rather than oppression, exploitation and hatred. Humanity desperately needs to honor those people, communities and nations, who realize that Black people's fight for their liberation, including liberation from oppression through food,  is a central part of the human fight for the liberation of all people, and that if Black people are not free; none of us is free, because Black struggle is a human struggle from human oppression which includes oppression through food.

video below via Charity Hicks, EAT4Health Food Fellow
The Beautiful Soweto Gospel Choir

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