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Sunday, January 12, 2014

"The world needs all its flowers, every one."

"The world itself needs us to show up in our fullness because the world itself is suffering a dis-ease, suffering ultimately from the human mind with all its precocities in some areas and its huge lack of development in other areas. The world needs all its flowers, every single one, even if they bloom for the briefest of moments we call a lifetime. Can we realize the flowering that our life actually is and open to it for the cultivation of mindfulness in ways that will give it back to us in its fullness and allow us to live our lives as if they really mattered, because they do, and in this way experiencing the flowering of genuine happiness and wisdom, self-compassion and compassion for others, in ways that are healing for ourselves and for the world we are all inhabiting, which never were actually separate.

"May you walk in beauty every day. May you stand in your truth. May you wake up to the beauty within you and around you for the sake of yourself and for the sake of all beings, near and far, known and unknown." ---Jon Kabat  Zinn.

Uploaded by Alaa ZahraGuided Mindfulness Meditation Series 3 part 10 I hope you guys like those meditation sessions, it does not matter what beliefs you

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