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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unity/Building our Power to transform the Power Realtionships that Determine our Food, Health and Wealth..

Unity/Building our Power to transform the Power Relationships that shape the social determinants of health.

Draft--some thoughts floating around about building our people power and disunity from the vantage point of Kansas

who is truly building inclusive, radical movements for change?

So, if we could even all get on the same page and realize we need to organize ourselves  to transform our power realtionships with the BIG Food corporations et al....could we all work together? No, many people will not work with others.. the rural farmers will not work with poor urban folks for one...

the current power structure use this to their advantage and in fact perhaps creates this division, fanning "tribal" dissension, prejudice, and tribal pride....

..... Building the people power to implement real structural solutions to the root causes of hunger for me is the issue; can we build the power to transform our power relationships with the big corporations that currently prescribe our food and agriculture and most everything else about our lives.. I think we know how to grow food sustainably, but we don't have the power to do it. 

Thus, that is the crux of the work that truly needs to be done. 

Furthermore, we already have enough food, but we don't have enough justice; our system of distribution, you pay to eat, is not  fair so many don't eat because they don't have the funds. They don't have the funds because our political, socioeconomic  don't work for everyone. 

In essence this is what we need to reform, but this is the challenge because the current power structure does not want change--of course. But anything else just seems like business as usual.

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