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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

African Food Sovereignty Email List Created

My Great Great Grandparents (maternal lineage) and their 14 children in rural Lincolnton, Georgia around 1912, small farmers. My great great grandfather was born into slavery.

Email List on African Food Sovereignty
I have just created a new email list on African food sovereignty and environmental and social justice, If you are interested in joining, please email me at with "add me to africanfoodsovereignty email list" in the subject line.

The primary purposes of this email list are to:

• link African civil society with civil society around the world,

• serve as a forum, source of information, ideas, research, and resources on all aspects of African food sovereignty, and

• to do anything mutually agreeable to the group and for social change.

I already have a number of African contacts, working on these issues in a wide and beautiful range of activities, farmers, permaculuralists, community development project leaders, academics and people involved in the social movements. They come from diverse countries, races, ethnicities, genders, educational backgrounds, experience and aspirations, like my American and other contacts.

The list serve will be multilingual and multicultural and will strive to be as inclusive as possible. (Until I figure out how to add a translation tool to the email list, please use google translate when needed. Would appreciate any help you care to give.)) I know that a lot of our sisters and brothers in this country and abroad do not have easy or any access to the internet and would appreciate your suggestions on how to overcome this barrier.

I will be managing the list serve and initially I will review and post all articles and information to the list serve. I will do this to protect from spam and other potential misuses.

I would appreciate any volunteers who would like to help me with that process. I am planning to apply for funding this spring to pay someone to help manage the list serve.

Food sovereignty
Food Sovereignty is the aspiration of billions of human beings to have the just, sustainable, complete and supreme control over our own food and agriculture and to have a natural and harmonious relationship with nature and each other. Food sovereignty is our aspiration to control our own food and agriculture rather than have them controlled by large and powerful corporations, governments and transnational organizations. Food sovereignty is furthermore our aspiration for truly democratic control of our food and agriculture or the sharing of power over our food and agriculture rather than the concentration of power over our food and agriculture by a few.

Seven Aspirations of Food Sovereignty

• Basic Human Right.
Food sovereignty envisions food as a basic human right guaranteed by all societies to their members regardless of ability to pay but as the necessary sustenance for life. Food is foremost a source of human life and energy, not a commodity to be traded for accumulating of wealth, profit and power.

• Agrarian reform.
Agrarian reform guaranteeing all people, regardless of nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion r class access to land, credit, training, information, and technology and a life with dignity.

• Fair Trade.
Societies must recognize food first as a necessity for life rather than an item of wealth through trade for some. Societies must prioritize food production for domestic consumptions as a source of life over a good to be traded for money. Food imports must not displace local production nor depress prices.

• End Corporate Domination.
End corporate domination of our food and agriculture from what we eat to what we grow and to how we grow it.

• Social Justice and Peace.
Food and agriculture must not be used as a weapon or tool for exploitation and oppression of the people.

• Democratic control.
Peasants, small farmers and all of us must have truly democratic power over our own societies’ food and agriculture.

• In Harmony with Nature.
Food sovereignty envisions an ecological agriculture in harmony with nature which cherishes and sustains our earth and ecosystems. Genetic material in seeds and livestock breeds are used wisely and with respect for the generations of indigenous peoples who developed them. We farm and eat in harmony with urn earth and its ecosystems, preserving its resources, land, water, seeds and livestock breeds, and soil.

About Me
After a medium length career as a public interest attorney and business law professor, then horticulturalist and landscape designer, and apprenticeships and study in organic/ agro ecological/ traditional agriculture in this country, Cuba, and Southeast Africa, I have evolved into a global advocate for food sovereignty and environmental and social justice. I am an advocate and spokesperson for the peasants and small farmers of our world and this country, whose sacrifice has made all our lives possible.

Most of my family (see picture above) beyond my mother and father’s generations lived like this, on the land, selling at local Saturday’s farmer markets which so entranced me as a child, and meeting some of their family’s nutritional and financial needs by small scale farming and gardening. I hope to honor and thank them with my work and give meaning to their sacrifice.

I am currently located in the Greater Kansas City area of the USA. I plan to return to southeast Africa soon to continue to learn about Africa and food sovereignty from Africans themselves and I hope to share everything I learn with anyone and all who are interested. Please join my facebook pages, Maria Whittaker, and African Food Sovereignty Support Group, or Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba: Growing Food without Oil for more information.

Thank you.
To Diana Faye Dodge, the list serve manager for the Growing Food and Growing Justice list, for allowing me to assist and learn from her as an extraordinary list serve manager. Thank you to the Growing Food and Justice for All community for allowing me to serve them.

Thank you in advance for any consideration you give my requests.

Maria Whittaker
Mawakili wa Kimataifa Kwa Ajili ya Uhuru wa Chakula
Los defensores Mundial para la SoberanĂ­a Alimentaria y Justicia Ambiental y Social
Global Advocates for Food Sovereignty and Environmental and Social Justice
5319 Foxridge Drive Suite 320
Mission, KS 66202
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