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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sat, June 28, 2014 4 PM CT Eric Holt-Giminez, ED Food First,, 90.1 FM KC Food Fight! Radio Program

Sat, June 28, 2014 4 PM CT Eric Holt-Gimenez, ED Food First,, 90.1 FM KC Food Fight! Radio Program

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Food Fight! All Lives Matter!

Eric Holt-Gimenez 
Eric Holt-Gimenez, ED, Food First (click below to listen to this interview)


    • KKFI, 90.1 FM,, Kansas City, MO
    • 4-5 pm CT, Saturday, 28 June 2014 
    • On-air call-in number 816 931 5533

A call to citizens of Greater KC and beyond, to organize ourselves from the bottom-up. We are organizing inclusively  to build our collective strength. We seek  to transform our power relationships with our global, big corporate, industrialized food, agriculture and socio-economic systems, in order to build truly healthy, just, fair and sustainable systems. These systems will also  provide livelihoods with dignity for farm and food workers, and small and family farmers alike.

"Poor diets kill more brothers than pistols.
We're fighting for our lives like Michael Vic's pit bulls.
Dog eat dog, America eats the young,
We die from beef, but more from meat than the gun.
Bullets for breakfast and mass murder meals.
Enemy of the state, and your plate is the battlefield
in this FOOD FIGHT!"
Eric Holt- Gimenez
Eric Holt-Giménez is the Executive Director of Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy, a "peoples' think-and-do tank" dedicated to eliminating the injustices that cause hunger and environmental degradation. Previously, he worked as Latin American Program Manager at the Bank Information Center in Washington, DC, where he monitored the projects and policies of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

He has held positions as a lecturer in International Development and Agroecology at the University of California and Boston University's Global Ecology program. Throughout the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, Dr. Holt-Giménez lived and worked in Latin America where he helped organize and train farm leaders in agroecology and was a consultant to non-governmental organizations, government ministries, and foreign aid agencies. In his path-breaking participatory research, "Measuring Farmer's Agroecological Resistance to Hurricane Mitch," 2,000 farmers documented the superior sustainability of agroecologically-managed farms to conventional farms in Central America. His first book, Campesino a Campesino, chronicles nearly 30 years' work with Latin America's Farmer to Farmer Movement for sustainable agriculture. In his recent book Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice, co-authored with Raj Patel and Annie Shattuck, Dr. Holt-Giménez proposes equitable, sustainable solutions to the root causes of the global food crisis. He holds a Master's of Science in International Agricultural Development and a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies.
About Food First
The mission of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, better known as Food First, is to end the injustices that cause hunger.
Founded in 1975 by Joseph Collins and Frances Moore Lappé—author of the revolutionary bestseller Diet for a Small Planet—Food First envisions a world in which all people have access to healthy, ecologically produced and culturally appropriate food. After nearly 40 years of analysis of the global food system, we know that making this vision a reality involves more than technical solutions—it requires political transformation. That’s why Food First supports activists, social movements, alliances and coalitions working for systemic change. The Food First team consists of a large network of committed activists and scholars who produce cutting-edge analysis and educational resources, and who work closely with grassroots social movements.  Our work—including action-oriented research, publications, projects and Food Sovereignty Tours—gives you the tools to understand the global challenges, build your local movement, and engage with the global movement for food sovereignty.
Board of Directors
Board President | Professor of Education, Georgia State University
Joyce E. King is a graduate of Stanford University where she received a PhD in the Social Foundations of Education and a BA degree in Sociology.
Board Treasurer | Social Entrepreneur & Food Justice Activist
Hank Herrera is President & CEO of the Center for Popular Research, Education & Policy (C-PREP), which serves vulnerable communities with participatory action research, training, technical assistance and policy.

Board Secretary | Socially Responsible Travel Professional
Malia Everette, CEO of Altruvistas, works to promote experiential education and socially responsible travel.
Board Member | Attorney and Health Advocate
Gaye Adams Massey served as Senior Deputy General Counsel for United Health Group from 2007 to 2013, overseeing legal teams advising on issues including privacy, technology and non-for-profit foundation legal issues.
Board Member | Founder and CEO of People's Community Market in Oakland
Brahm Ahmadi is a social entrepreneur working to build healthier and more equitable inner city communities by creating change to the food system.
Board Member | Jazz Musician and Faculty at the University of San Francisco
Pascal Bokar Thiam is a Jazz guitarist and vocalist of Senegalese and French background who teaches jazz and world music courses in San Francisco, CA.
Board Member | Expert on global governance, finance & sustainability
Michael Dorsey is interim Director of the energy and environment program at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.
Board Member | Farmworker Justice Activist
Rosalinda Guillén is a widely recognized farmworker justice leader, working to promote farmworker rights in Washington State.
Board Member | Founder of Newsome Community Farms, Tulsa, OK
Demalda Newsome runs Newsome Community Farms and the North Tulsa Farmer’s Market, working to empower low-income communities.
Board Member | Professor of Anthropology, Ethnic Studies and Environmental Studies, University of Washington
Devon Peña is a teacher, farmer, anthropologist and founder/president of The Acequia Institute.

Board Member | Founder of EcoVillage Farm Learning Center in Richmond, CA

Shayam Shabaka promotes sustainable agriculture; public health; and environmental, social and economic justice in low-income communities in the US and Africa.
Board Member | Executive Director of Green for All in Oakland, CA
Nikki Silvestri is the Executive Director of Green for All and served as Executive Director of People's Grocery in Oakland, CA from 2010 to 2013.

Board Member | President and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm
Bobby L. Wilson is President and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm in Atlanta, GA, which he founded as a teaching tool, economic empowerment zone and food production site for the southwest Metropolitan Atlanta area.
Board Member | Founder of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Malik Kenyatta Yakini is an activist and educator who is committed to freedom and justice for African people in particular and humanity in general.

With KKFI KCMO Community Radio Urban Connections host and long-time Kansas City community activist  Donna Morrow Wolfe,,
Donna Morrow Wolfe
 and co-host, Maria Whitaker, Program Director, Local to Global Advocates for Justice, and KC Food Justice,,

If you would like to be a guest on the show or have suggestions or comments, we welcome you to email Maria Whittaker at with Food Fight! in the heading. We particularly envision lifting-up the work of youth and those communities the most negatively and directly impacted by our food, agriculture and socioeconomic systems.
Raise consciousness of the impact of our global, big corporate, industrialized, food system on our health, wealth, justice and sustainability, and to:
2. Act as a vehicle for us to:
2.1.  Organize ourselves inclusively, from the bottom-up, to build our collective strength to  transform our relationships with our global, big corporate food and agriculture systems in order to build truly healthy, just, fair and sustainable food and agriculture systems which create livelihoods with dignity for farm and  food workers and small and family farmers;
2.2. Take immediate actions now to actualize our basic human right to sufficient amounts of healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food and improve community health and wealth by connecting people to programs already in existence, but not yet reaching them, such as:  doubling their food stamps, organic gardening, mobile food pantries, healthy free food pantries, organic farmer training programs and healthy lifestyle support programs, including diabetes and hypertension management, and to:
2.3. Take grassroots advocacy on food policies such as food stamps and farm subsidies to immediately actualize our basic human right to healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food.
KC Food Justice List Serve
The easiest way to join our list serve,, where we share news of upcoming events, information and analyses of the nexus of modernization, capitalism, food, health, equality and justice is to send an email to:
You will be automatically be added. We send out anywhere from 1 to 9 messages a month. 
In Conclusion
If you would like Maria to talk to your group about food and health justice, climate justice or related topics,  please email her at She will be available for speaking engagements in the Kansas City area beginning Monday June 16, 2014.

                                               Photo: KC Food Justice's littlest organizers. They pass out fliers and go door to door in their neighborhoods; their faces beaming as they run (not walk) with the fliers balled up in their little fists, climbing steps, going back and forth.
Also check out our facebook pages, Local to Global Advocates for Justice and Food, Health and Environmental Justice Coalition. For more information about our work check out our facebook groups, Food and Health Justice KC, Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba: Growing Food without Oil; and African Food Sovereignty.

Maria Whittaker, Program Director
Local2Global Advocates for Justice
KC Food Justice
3156 Wood View Ridge Drive
Suite 206
Kansas City, KS 66103
913 945 1333 

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