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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

18 October 2014 Cuban III Agrodevelopment Convention Focusing on Farmer Experience

From Dr. Fernando Funes Aguilar, Sr. (of Cuban Organic Agriculture Movement):

Dear friends and colleagues:

Since the beginning of this year I am not working in ACTAF, I moved and started to work for Indio Hatuey Research Station.

Next October (2014) we are organizing III AGRODEVELOPMENT Convention 2014, which involves two pre event Field Tours (to select one), two days each , the scientific event itself lasting three days, and finally a post congress Practical Course of five days.

We are strongly interested in receiving you and people of your organization and country, interested in attend our different activities. The course has been specially designed for farmers in a very practical way, performed by the farmers themselves, explaining their own experiences in a very interactive way.

Related to the air tickets, COPA Airlines will offer discounts as the official airline of the Convention, I am attaching you COPA details to have access to the discount and also general information for the three events.

As you can see the course is extremely cheap and the event seems to be more expensive but taking into account that the price includes everything, a very good five stars hotel in the wonderful Varadero beach , all included during the stay, show and Cuban music at evening, etc., and one of the most beautiful beaches around the world at a few meters of the rooms, it is not expensive. (For more information, please email Dr Funes at the email given.)

We ask you to give this information among interested colleagues in our subject. After receiving your comments, we can offer more information about the programs as well as the official letter of invitation, as well as any other doubts the people could have. We are looking forward your answer and please, come to share with us the parts of your main interest in our event.

Please, write me back through this my Email , and also with copy to Lic. Nayda Armengol , Secretary of the Organizing Committee , to satisfy all the questions.

Hugs from your Cuban friend.

Dr. Fernando Funes Aguilar (the father)

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