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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola and Food Justice? What is really going on?


Ebola and Food Justice? 

I think Ebola shares some common vectors with other diseases that are at the vectors of the food and health crises in modern societies such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure etc.These diseases cause much human suffering,  much loss of human potential and productivity, harming us all, but the direct victims and their families and communities the most.

Clearly there are similarities between  Ebola and HIV besides even but including their origin in Mama Africa, the cradle of human civilization.  

As well, and perhaps this is a subject for another article, the fact that these devastating diseases originated in the cradle of humanity which has been devastated by modern civilization, is the subject for much thought about the reasons for the conditions of Black African descendants, those who left Africa more recently or not at all and still reside in Mama Sub Saharan Africa. 

The oppression that humanity has wreaked on its mother, Mama Africa, may as well be the root cause of both Ebola and HIV, which have moved out to devastate not only Mama Africa but all of humanity around the world.

It is oppression which I think both Ebola and  Food Justice share. Food Justice is all about oppression through food, fast food, highly processed food, "chattara" as they call it in Cuba, that powerful and rich corporations, backed by government and multilateral institutions target communities with. Many but not all of these communities are poor Black people, as in the Ebola crises. Many are white and middle and even upper class. Many ar3e indigenous, Latino, Asian.  Oppression through food is a global phenomena.

In the end our deadly food products or poison and worse, plagues and drugs in themselves--poisonous ones--are killing us all--even those who run the corporations that produce and profit from these "food products" many of which are more addictive than illegal drugs such as cocaine. (cite study about Oreo cookies being more addictive than cocaine.)

I think the nexus between modernization, food, disease, power and oppression and health are worth exploring to understand what is exactly going on in human society and where we might be able to intervene or transform ourselves in order to address our declining health and society and build truly healthy, loving and sustainable human communities and civilization.  Understanding oppression through food and disease like Ebola is key to our survival and understanding human civilization.

Understanding who is impacted and how much and who is impacted first and last and the appearance of all this and how this plays into what we perceive the problem to be as well as the solution is key as well.

Dismantling the role of vested interests will uncloak the unreality in which we have come to live and perhaps allow us to begin to see we need to create another reality from which to begin to construct another way to live that might truly be sustainable. 

This article below raises some questions about Ebola and the US military response which support my questions above. But more much needs to be done to unravel the real story versus the one vested interests are portraying and the role of oppression both in causing and "treating" the disease

Sandra Rivers <>: Oct 13 06:25PM -0400

EBOLA ANALYSIS - AFRICA-sensitive, common sense, political perspectives:
Helping vs. controlling policy and mindset: Nigerians and Cuba providing CONCRETE medical and preventive intervention; Profit above Care
u.s. society, attention-deficit, greatly lowered sense of community, instant-gratification, etc. - contribute to nosocomial infections (infections acquired in hospitals)
Control ling War-mongering, Empire are dominating u.s. motíves for everything - NOT enganxines people's Lives
Nigeria is sending 591 health workers to Liberià, and is working on 2 Ebola--combatting drugs derived from bitter cola,'GB One and Kola Veron). Further,ore, Nigeria has had a less than 40% average fatality rate; vs. 70% in other countrIes.
‘How Nigeria contained Ebola virus disease’
Wednesday, 08 October 2014; Sunday, 12 October 2014 by Chukwuma Muanya, Guardian
Some 461 Cuban doctors and nurses are to be in Ebola--impacted African countries. More than 15,000!! Cuban health workers have volunteered for the risky mission. U.S. health workers?: far far fewer - numerically and percentage-wise. Cuba has an Ebola "boot camp," an intense training program where for a minimum of two weeks, doctors and nurses are drilled on how to treat patients while not exposing themselves to the deadly virus. :

The world football association, FIFA, recently announcemed that it is joining forces with the UN and WHO to turn Liberia’s national stadium into a large-scale Ebola treatment unit.

The community-driven and human empathy--humanitarian mindsets and commitments to quality-control of Nigeria and Cuba and other countries notably contrast with dominant u.s. militarized 'assistance' and profit--over--care mindsets - a society NOT driven by capitalist, profiteering-off-of-misery.
Mindsets and knowledge-base that acknowledges and recognizes that "To break the transmission is important," he said. "Not for the Cuban people, not for the African people. For the whole world." A mindset and knowledge-base that has been reinforced by People likeDr. Coley Hebert on MSNBC. A mindset that contrasts stxxxxingly with u.s. militarized 'assistance.'
"My family, they are a bit worried, but they know I will be taking care of everything. They will trust in my daily habits and routines in order to avoid the disease," __Cuban doctor

Natural Immune-building interventions Like "Nano Silver" or colloidal silver -- may hold promise for treatment intervention
GENOCIDE by Witholding Promising Intervention:
NewLink Genetics, of Ames Iowa, Implicated in African Ebola Genocide?
Posted by Greg Laden on October 11, 2014

NewLink Genetics owns the rights to a piece of the puzzle needed to quickly test and deploy one of two likely Ebola vaccines and they are holding up the entire process because they are not entirely sure they are going to get rich on it.

(Read More):


The most recent new case of Ebola in a Dallas hospital health worker is surely related to a FAILURE of that hospital, surely like most other u.s. hospitals NOT seeing the necessity of policies like 2-week intensives trainings, that are then reinforced by frequent follow-up practice drills - that emphaasize that NOT a single micro-step of the attire--dis-attire--hand washing--hand washing-hand washing regime can be ignored! Such laxity has been STANDARD practice in most u.s. hospitals for decades, and almost exclusively explains why nosocomial (infections acquired in hospitals) infections are RAMPANT! Yet, the officially-mandated infeccions disease precautions that all medical-health practitioners are TRAINED to follow meticulously for EVERY unknown patient encounter. Precautions Against Ebola Do requirements some extra vigilance. u.s. hospitals simple have NOT bothered to allocate sufficient re-training and emphasis on the excepcional virulence of Ebola and the unequivocable necessity of compliance with STRINGENT, to--t'he--milisecond, EVERY-Single-movement precautions that have to bé adhereix to upon encontres with bodily fluids OF Ebola víctimes.

If you or a relative are hospitalized, failures of ANY staff to wash their hands: BEFORE they touch you or your relative; after each procedure, along with gloving, etc. -- should be pointed out to the staffperson AND reported to hospital administrations. I'm convinced that the practices of a huge percentage of doctors as THE MOST frequent violators of basic infection-control policies have not changed since my daily observations of over 30 years ago!! That is, doctors are the personnel-group who deem themselves to too often be above, too busy for -- taking the basic precautions MANY, MANY times a day. It is only by consumers PARTICIPATING in the care of themselves or their relatives - by reporting and reporting and repartint - breaches in care - and infection-control breaches are THE MOST FREQUENT care breaches, and among THE MOST INJURIOUS of all of the interventions encountered in hospitals!! Ebola IS NOT among t'he infections that will kill 10s-of-1,000s in u.s. hospitals; that is the domain of bacterià like staphylococcus (staph).
The u.s. response to Ebola IS also negatively influències by dumbed-down education - that has de-vàlues critical thinking over the Past 4?decades.

Perspective Note: Ebola represents a much, much lower disease burden to the African continent than malaria, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis. is negligible. The u.s. histèria about Ebola has so much to do with its reputed AFRICAN orígins. There have been an estimated 36,000 influenza-related deaths; from Ebola: 1


Dispatching 3,000 military personnel who know NOTHING about health or medical care to Africa has NOTHING whatsoever to do with combating a plague. This is about projecting US military power further into Africa, which has already been a goal of the Obama administration, anxious to prevent China from gaining control over African mineral resources, and to control them for US exploitation
......, as obama-and--company pathologically tunnel-vision focus on expending probably $billions in yet ANOTHER War - i.e. KILLING PEOPLE!!! -- more of the typical utter u.s. hypocrisy: ISIS, like "Al Queda," and similar implanted entities to sustain murderous chaos - surely created by CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. - killing-machine intervention SOLELY to FURTHER enrich the voracious military (euphemistically calked "defense")---corporatocratic apparatus. NO - NONE -- NOTTA a scrap of "defense" issue for u.s, NATO regimes.

More absurd is that obama's military move is to build 25!! - not 250!! - not 2500 -- but a puny 25 hospital beds!!! (a probable expenditure of a few $million -- a 1/10--of--a--drop--in--the--ocean GESTURE -- and even this paltry empty gesture is ONLY intended primarily for non-Liberian health workers!!!!! This to a country that has only a total of 240 hospital beds - facing a MINIMUM of 2,000!! cases of Ebola!!

......., as obama--and--company pathologically tunnel-vision focus on expending probably $billions in yet ANOTHER War - i.e. KILLING PEOPLE!!! More of the typical utter u.s. hypocrisy: ISIS, like "Al Queda," and similar implanted entities to sustain murderous chaos - surely created by CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc.; Killing-machine - intervention SOLELY to FURTHER enrich the voracious military (euphemistically called "defense")---corporatocratic apparatus. NO - NONE -- NOTTA a scrap of "defense" issue for u.s, NATO regimes.

Ebola has been known for some 2 decades. The Empire-driven u.s. has CHOSEN to spend $trillions on war-mongering, tax-dollar give-a-ways to corporations, sustaining unlivable wages and deep poverty for 50% of the u.s. population, promulgating, propping up despotic dictators, etc., etc. A targeted steady focus on enhancing humanitarian development like training of health workers, resesrching and refining vaccinal and treatment regimes, etc., etc. -- would have effectively addressed scourges like Ebola by now, including whatever quite small threat to the u.s. population -- at FAR FAR FAR LESS than the aforementioned $trillions.


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