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Saturday, November 29, 2014

4 pm December 6, 2014,, Kansas City, 90.1 FM Miguel Angel Guzman, Indigenous Mexican Food and Political Activist, Food Fight! All Lives Matter!

Food Fight! All Lives Matter! 
    Miguel Angel Guzmán Michel
    Indigenous Mexican Food and Political Activist, Writer, Poet, Law Professor
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    •  90.1 FM Kansas City, MO Community Radio Program
    • 4-5pm CT,  Saturday,  6 December 2014
    • KKFI, 90.1 FM,, Kansas City, MO
    • On-air call-in number 816 931 5533  
    Born the 18th of July 1964 in Tlatelolco in the Federal District of Mexico, Miguel Angel Guzman lived all his childhood, in a humble house in the village of  Huexotla, at Texcoco, in the state of  Mexico. 

    He is one of three children born to Alejo Guzman Gonzalez, union organizer of indigenous descent and descendant of the king of the Tépanèque people, Netzahualcóyotl. His mother was Maria Guadalupe Michel Ramos, originally from the Mexican state of Jalisco and a descendant of a family that had participated in the « Cristerra War, » an armed conflict from 1926 to 1929 between the government and Presbyterian and Catholic religious communities who were resisting the application of legislation that was applying Catholic law to all Mexicans.

    He did his primary education in  Huexotla and his high school at Ecole Préparatoire de Texcoco, in the state of Mexico. He studied law  à l’Université Autonome Métropolitaine.

    Currently, he is working with the committee to support a revolution (le Comité d’aide aux luttes en Amérique Latine) in Latin America which he founded which works with students and peasants. He also founded  an office of advocates to take on popular causes for the people in the capital of the country.

    He also works on numerous food and agriculture issues critical to the health and welfare of the Mexican people including regaining and maintaining indigenous territories, transgenic corn, the rising prices of food staples while salaries and lively hoods lower.

    In 1985, following the terrible earthquake in the capital city of Mexico he particiapted with rescue brigades to find survivors and bring them to help.

    He is currently working against the government’s policies that segregate people of indigenous descent and other minorities in Mexico. He also works extensively with the spiritual organization  « Société du Divin Visage » which seeks to safeguard indigenous culture.

    In 1992, he incorporated the Office Agriculture of  San Luis Potosí. He is also a law professor at the Université Autonome de San Luis Potosí, Campus Huastèque. He has also founded many movements in  Huastèque region of Mexico to defend the rights of indigenous peoples and minorites on ethnic, ideology and sexual preference grounds.

    He is a founder of the Mouvement de Libération Nationale and member of the School Amawtique of Mexico which is an alliance of a number of organizations that defend the rights of indgenous peoples and ethic minorities On the American continents and in the Carribean.

    He has run for political office several times but has not yet been elected. He consults with leftist political parties in Mexico.  He also represents various leftist unions in Mexico.

    He is a writer and poet and lover of literature, music and the arts He also defends ecology and the occult sciences. .

    Représentant de la Société du Divin Visage.
    Représentant du Front Populaire Francisco Villa, San Luis Potosí.
    Représentant du Mouvement de Libération Nationale.
    Représentant et consultant de plusieurs syndicats.
    Legal Consultant for the  Nation Xi-Iuy,  Nation Téenek and several Nahuatl communities, all indigenous Mexican peoples.

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