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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Emotional Immaturity and Reactivity in our Movements?

Emotional Immaturity and Reactivity in our Movements?

"If one of two conflicted [parties] in a relationship [in a society] could learn to remain calm and thoughtful in the face of conflict, the first step to solving the problem would be behind....In ...many relationships [societies]...there is a reverberation of emotion from person to person that is very much like the excitement that begins with one animal and spreads through the entire herd. It is almost as if, in relationship systems, electrical connections link the individuals of the system, transporting emotions and feelings from one individual to another continuously. ....The basic problem, emotional [and societal] immaturity or reactivity does not get addressed."
Gilbert, Extraordinary Relationships, p. 40, 41, 47.


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