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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Co-option is the Promise of a Better World without Suffering or Loss:"Rosy Solutions" Too Good to be True Where No One Suffers, No One Loses Anything, Nothing Changes. This Simply is Not Reality.

I have been pondering co-option recently. I think I pretty much know it when I see it. I think I can pretty much tell it from the real thing, but I have many friends, young primarily and many not so young, who want to be part of building the better world we all need, but who cannot tell the difference between co-option and the real evolution we need to survive. So, It has been swirling around in my consciousness how to explain what it is, what  I think I am able to sense about co-option: what I think I know about co-option, what it is I am able to sense about something that lets me know it is co-option when I see it. 

Co-option is a "solution" which requires no suffering by humanity, no loss. It essentially promises change, the better world, without anyone having to give up anything, without anyone every having to suffer, without loss, without pain, without change. Essentially; it is change without change: the mere illusion of change and that is why truly it is co-option, not the change we need; not evolution, not growth.

This is the critical plank of co-option: it promises change without suffering, without change essentially, without loss, without pain, without suffering. That is why it is so attractive to human beings, society, the world. We are led to believe we can grow and change without giving up anything. We are led to believe we can grow and evolve without suffering.

This simply is not the reality in which humanity finds itself. Life involves suffering, sometimes great suffering for growth and change. And unfortunately humanity largely resists change unless forced. "Suffering" is that force. Our suffering is the greatest alchemical force there is. Life without suffering which co-opted "solutions" offer is a fantasy, a fantasy heralded by a humanity in denial of reality which is sadly most of us.

This is humanity as its worse: wanting to stay children, wanting not to grow up; refusing to embrace its power by staying childlike; refusing responsibility, evolution, growth, wisdom, enlightenment, Nirvana even, because we refuse to grow up because we simply refuse to suffer...even a little bit, and even for our own good and the good of our children and for goodness, truth, beauty, and wisdom itself. We want to remain children because we want to avoid pain, to avoid legitimate suffering for our own good, for the good of the all.

This is creating a huge price to pay for us all, and is simply not acceptable.

It is not good for anyone to stay stuck, not to grow. It is not good for those who refuse nor for the rest of us. Growth is the law of reality, consciousness. If you refuse to grow, you are simply increasing your suffering to come multi fold.

This is not reality; evolution, growth, without change, without loss, without suffering, simply does not exist. Real change, real growth always requires suffering, loss, requires giving up something or change. And it is worth it. We turn around and look back and see it was worth it. 

Furthermore, it is the way. There is no other way. This is the way. This is truth, beauty, wisdom the way of all there is.

To refuse to change, grow, evolve is to invite more and more suffering, calamity, total destruction, until we surrender, change and grow, evolve. This is the way, the only way.

This means giving up something, change, loss, and suffering, but for our own good, and for the overall good, for our own growth and evolution.

The only way you can change or grow without suffering is to give up, to change, to grow, to forfeit, to surrender voluntarily and graciously. To have the insight or work to see the way forward and to go there graciously, to surrender, to sacrifice, to forfeit, without having to be forced. But few of us can see the evolution we need to make without being forced or shown through our suffering. For those who can and choose to comply before suffering, their life are grace.

There are those wise, evolved people among us for sure. The ones we know most are the quiet and humble people in our families and community, who accept life with grace, humility, humor, love and grace, i.e., the salt of the earth.

But that is not what co-option is about. Co-option is not about acceptance with grace, but about avoiding the legitimate suffering required to grow, by producing an illusion of change, not real change, so no one has to suffer or give up anything.

Ultimately, it creates more suffering.

So for my young and other friends who wonder what co-option is, I advise, if there is no loss, no suffering, everybody gets to keep going on the way they have been, humantiy does not change, society does not have to change; nothing really changes, there is no loss, no suffering and no growth, evolution, that is co option. It is truly too good to be true. No suffering is co-option. No loss is co-option. No change, no growth no evolution is co-option. Suffering and loss are the key indicators real change is taking place.

Co-option is a promise of a better world without anyone or anything have to change, suffer, experience loss or grow. But that simply is not reality.

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