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Sunday, January 22, 2017

November 19-25, 2017 4th International Conference of Agroecology Cuba

November 19-25, 2017
Cuban National Association of Small Farmers 4th International Conference of Agroecology
The Cuban National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and Via Campesina are organizing this event on the 20th anniversary of the arrival of ‘Campesino a Campesino’ in Cuba. This conference will provide the opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, experiences and lessons learned on the following themes:
  • Inclusion of women and youth in agroecology systems and food sovereignty.
  • Family farming in rural and indigenous areas, and its role in food sovereignty and rural development.
  • Seed production and conservation in agro-ecosystems
  • Agroecology, the environment and climate change
  • The financial, ecological and social sustainability of agroecology farms
  • Agrarian reform, territory and cooperatives
  • Growth and promotion of agroecology

The conference will include presentations, workshops, round tables, panel discussions, expositions, and field trips. In addition, two hands-on pre- and post-conference workshops will be offered to help participants put theory into practice.

Pre-conference Workshop (November 13-18, 2017): “Indigenous and rural family-farms”
Topics covered include: Agroecology and food sovereignty; natural resource management and food production; Sustainable agriculture – design and implementation.

Post-conference Workshop (November 27-December 2, 2017): “Campesino a Campesino Approaches and Methodology”
Topics covered include: Campesino a Campesino approaches and methodology, principles, activities and tools.

This is a Spanish-language event, however translation into English may be available upon request. Click here for 
more information (in Spanish) on the event. For further details, please contact and let them know Local2Global Advocates for Food Sovereignty referred you. 

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