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Is it True?

Perception is projection!!!! A Course in Miracles. All we ever percieve: see, taste, touch, hear, smell, is the projection of our own thoughts outwards!!! Is it true? Are they true? No! Its just a projection of our thoughts!!!!! Lol!!! The truth is within us, only the light within, that energy witihin, the wisdom, profound knowledge within us. The deppest parts of our self. The Self itself!!!!!!!! Be still and you can touch the truth! Perception is not the truth!!!!! KATY GOT IT SO RIGHT WHEN SHE ASKS SIMPLY IS IT TRUE? She gets us to be still and settle into a deeper wisdom inside of us wherein lies the truth beyond these thoughts! And then we know simply it isn't true. It isn't true! ANd what we precieve is nothing more than our thoughts projected outward. We call this reality. Isn't!!! It isn't true. Its just thoughts!!! Reality is within us, the deepest parts, wisdom, truth, knowledge within us. Be still and turn in. God for a walk. Whatever you do to connect with the truth within you. Perception is projection. What we percieve is nothing more than the projection of our thoughts. Your liberation is at hand!!! Is it true? CLose your eyes and ears, be still, and ask it is it true?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How "the others" are created

There are parts of ourselves with which we have not reconciled ourselves. We project that outside of ourselves and create "the others." "The others' thus are nothing more than our creations, our selves. Then we want to build a walll to separate ourselves from ourselves. Sew much pain and delusion inside of us. The only way to take down the outside wall is to heal the inside of us!!!!

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"I am awake." Buddha means “the awakened one.” How to awaken is all he taught.

When the Buddha started to wander around India shortly after his enlightenment, he encountered several men who recognized him to be a very extraordinary being. They asked him: "Are you a god?" "No," he replied. ... Buddha simply replied: "I am awake." Buddha means “the awakened one.” How to awaken is all he taught.

Friends, I wanted to share with you a free chapter from Adyashanti‘s inspiring (and very provocative) book The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment.

More and more people are waking up spiritually. And for many of them, the question becomes: Now what? “Information about life after awakening is usually not made public,” explains Adya. “It’s most often shared only between teachers and their students.” The End of Your World is his response to a growing need for direction on the spiritual path. Consider this Adya’s personal welcome to “a new world.”

Here is the excerpt, entitled “Exploring Life After Awakening.” 

There’s a phenomenon happening in the world today. More and more people are waking up—having real, authentic glimpses of reality. By this I mean that people seem to be having moments where they awaken out of their familiar senses of self, and out of their familiar senses of what the world is, into a much greater reality—into some- thing far beyond anything they knew existed.

These experiences of awakening differ from  person to person. For some, the awakening is sustained over time, while for others the glimpse is momentary—it may last just a split second. But in that instant, the whole sense of “self ” disap- pears. The way they perceive the world suddenly changes, and they find themselves without any sense of separation between themselves and the rest of the world. It can be likened to the experience of waking up from a dream—a dream you didn’t even know you were in until you were jolted out of it.

In the beginning of my teaching work, most of the people who came to me were seeking these deeper realizations of spirituality. They were seeking to wake up from the limiting and isolated senses of self they had imagined themselves to be. It’s this yearning that underpins all spiritual seeking: to discover for ourselves what we already intuit to be true— that there is more to life than we are currently perceiving.

But as time  has passed, more  and  more  people are coming to me who have already had glimpses of this greater reality. It is because of them that I am giving the teachings in this book.

The Dawning of Awakening

This discovery I’m talking about is traditionally referred to as spiritual awakening, because one awakens from the dream of separation created by the egoic mind. We realize—often quite  suddenly—that our  sense of  self, which  has  been formed and constructed out of our ideas, beliefs, and images, is not really who we are. It doesn’t define us; it has no center. The ego may exist as a series of passing thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions, but in and of itself it has no identity. Ultimately all of the images we have about ourselves and the world turn out to be nothing but a resistance to things as they are. What we call ego is simply the mechanism our mind uses to resist life as it is. In that way, ego isn’t a thing as much as it is a verb. It is the resistance to what is. It is the pushing away or pulling toward. This momentum, this grasping and rejecting, is what forms a sense of a self that is distinct, or separate, from the world around us.

But with the dawn of  awakening, this outside world begins to collapse. Once we lose our sense of self, it’s as if we have lost the whole world as we knew it. At that moment— whether that moment is just a glimpse or something more sustained—we suddenly realize with incredible clarity that what we truly are is in no way limited to the small sense of self that we thought we were.

Awakening to truth or reality is something that is very hard to talk about because it is transcendent of speech. It is helpful, nevertheless, to work with some sort of a guidepost. The simplest thing one can say about the experiential knowledge of awakening is that it is a shift in one’s perception. This is the heart of awakening. There is a shift in perception from seeing oneself as an isolated individual to seeing oneself, if we have a sense of self at all after this shift, as something much more universal—everything and everyone and every- where at the same time.

This shift is not revolutionary; it’s the same as looking in the mirror in the morning and having an intuitive sense that the face you are looking at is yours. It is not a mystical experience; it is a simple experience. When you look in the mirror, you experience the simple recognition, “Oh, that’s me.” When the shift of perception that’s called awakening happens, whatever our senses come into contact with is experienced as ourselves. It’s as if we think with everything we encounter, “Oh, that’s me.” We don’t experience ourselves in terms of our ego, in terms of a separate someone or separate entity. It’s  more a feeling of the One recognizing itself, or Spirit recognizing itself.

Spiritual awakening is a remembering. It is not becoming something that we are not. It is not about transforming ourselves. It is not about changing ourselves. It is a remembering of what we are, as if we’d known it long ago and had simply forgotten.  At the moment  of this remembering, if the remembering is authentic, it’s not viewed as a personal thing. There is really no such thing as a “personal” awakening, because “personal” would imply separation. “Personal” would imply that it is the “me” or the ego that awakens or becomes enlightened.

But in a true awakening, it is realized very clearly that even the awakening  itself is not personal. It is universal Spirit or universal consciousness that wakes up to itself. Rather than the “me” waking up, what we are wakes up from the “me.” What we are wakes up from the seeker. What we are wakes up from the seeking.

The problem with defining awakening is that upon hear- ing each of  these descriptions, the  mind creates another image, another idea of what this ultimate truth or ultimate reality is all about. As soon as these images are created, our perception is distorted once again. In this way, it’s really impossible to describe the nature of reality, except to say that it’s not what we think it is, and it’s not what we’ve been taught it is. In truth, we are not capable of imagining what it is that we are. Our nature is literally beyond all imagination. What we are is that which is watching—that  consciousness which is watching us pretending to be a separate person. Our true nature is continually partaking of all experience, awake to every instant, to each and every moment.

In awakening, what’s revealed to us is that we are not a thing, nor a person, nor even an entity. What we are is that which manifests as all things, as all experiences, as all personalities. We are that which dreams the whole world into existence. Spiritual  awakening reveals that  that  which is unspeakable and unexplainable is actually what we are.

Abiding and Nonabiding Awakening

As I’ve mentioned, this experience of awakening can be just a glimpse, or it can be sustained over time. Now, some would say that if an awakening is momentary, it is not a real awakening. There are those who believe that, with authentic awakening, your perception opens up to the true nature of things and never closes back down again. I can understand  this perspective, since ultimately the  whole spiritual journey does lead us to  a full  awakening. Full awakening simply means that we perceive from the perspective of Spirit—from the view of oneness—all the time.

From this awakened perspective, there isn’t any separation anywhere—not in the world, not in the universe, not in all the universes everywhere. The truth is anywhere and everywhere, at all times, in all dimensions, for all beings. It is a truth that is the source of everything that will ever be experienced—in  life, after life, in this dimension or any other dimension.

From the perspective of  the ultimate, literally every- thing—be it at a higher or lower dimension, here or there, yesterday, today, or tomorrow, everything—is but a manifestation of Spirit. It is Spirit itself that wakes up. So, ultimately, the trajectory every being is on, whether they know it or not, is a trajectory toward full awakening—toward  a full knowing, toward a full experiential knowledge of what they are, toward unity, toward oneness.

But the moment of awakening may or may not result in a permanent seeing. As I said, some people will tell you that unless it’s permanent, the awakening is not real. What I’ve seen as a teacher is that the person who has a momentary glimpse beyond the veil of duality and the person who has a permanent, “abiding” realization are seeing and experiencing the same thing. One person experiences it momentarily; another experiences it continually. But what is experienced, if it is true awakening, is the same: all is one; we are not a particular thing or a particular someone that can be located in a particular space; what we are is both nothing and every- thing, simultaneously.

So, as I see it, it doesn’t really matter whether an awakening is instantaneous or continuous. It matters in the sense that there is a trajectory—nobody’s heart will be totally fulfilled until that perceiving from the point of view of truth is continuous—but what is seen is an awakening, whether it is sustained or not.

This glimpse of awakening, which I call nonabiding awakening, is becoming more and more common. It happens for a moment, an afternoon, a day, a week—maybe as long as a month or two. Awareness opens up, the sense of the separate self falls away—and  then, like the aperture on a camera lens, awareness closes back down. All of a sudden that person who had previously perceived true nonduality, true oneness, is quite surprisingly now perceiving back in the dualistic “dream state.” In the dream state, we’re back in our conditioned sense of self—in a limited, isolated sense of being.

The good news is that once a moment of this clear seeing has actually taken place, the aperture of our awareness can never completely close down again. It may seem like it has closed down completely, but it never quite does. In the deep- est part of yourself, you don’t ever forget. Even if you’ve only glimpsed reality for a moment,  something within you is changed forever.

Reality is nuclear; it’s incredibly powerful. It’s unimaginably potent. People can experience a f lash of reality in the time it takes to snap your fingers, and the energy and the force that enters into them as a result is life altering.

Just one moment  of awakening begins the dissolution of one’s false sense of self and, subsequently, the dissolution of one’s whole perception of the world.

Awakening Is Not What You Imagine It to Be

In a very real sense, it is much more accurate to talk about what we lose upon awakening rather than what we gain. We not only lose ourselves—who we thought we were—but we also lose our entire perception of the world. Separation is only a perception; in fact, when it comes to our world, there is nothing but perception. “Your world ” is not your world; it is only your perception. So while it may seem negative at first, I think it’s much more useful to talk about spiritual awakening in terms of what we lose—what we awaken from. This means we’re talking about the dissolution of the image we have of ourselves, and it’s  this dismantling of who we thought we were that is so startling when one wakes up.

And it is indeed startling: it’s not what we think it’s going to be like at all. I’ve never had a single student come back and say, “You k now, Adya, I peered through the veil of separation, and it’s pretty much what I thought it would be. It measures up pretty closely to what I’ve  been told.” Usually they come back and say, “This is nothing like what I imagined.”

This is especially interesting since many of the people I teach have been studying spirituality for many years, and they often have very intricate ideas about what awakening is going to be like. But when it happens, it is always different from their expectations. In many ways, it is grander, but also in many ways, it is simpler. In truth, if it is to be true and real, awakening must be different from what we imagine it to be. This is because all of our imaginings about awakening are happening within the paradigm of the dream state. It is not possible to imagine something outside of the dream state when our consciousness is still within it.

How Does Your Life Change after Awakening ?

With awakening there also comes a total reorganization of the way we perceive life—or at least the beginning of a reorganization. This is because awakening itself, while beautiful and amazing, often brings with it a sense of disorientation. Even though you as the One have awakened, there is still your whole human structure—your body, your mind, and your personality. Awakening can often  be experienced as very disorienting to this human structure.

So it is the process that happens after awakening that I want to explore. As I’ve said, for a very few people, the moment of awakening will be complete. It will be final in a certain sense, and there will be no need for a continuing process. We might say that such people had an extraordinarily light karmic load; even though they may have experienced extreme suffering before awakening, one can see that their karmic inheritance, the conditioning that they were dealing with, wasn’t too deep. This is very rare. Only a few people in a given generation may wake up in such a way that there’s no further process to undergo.

What I always tell people is this: don’t count on that person being you. Better to count on being like everyone else, which means that you will undergo a process after an initial awakening. It won’t be the end of your journey. What I will attempt to do here is to point you in a direction that may be useful and orienting as you embark on that journey. As my teacher used to say, it’s like getting your foot in the front door. Just because you’ve gotten your foot in the front door doesn’t mean you have turned the lights on; it doesn’t mean you have learned to navigate in that different world that you’ve awakened to.

I’m very happy that this book, which is based on a series of  talks I’ve given, offers  me the opportunity to  address this subject—the question of what happens after  awaken- ing. The information that exists on life after awakening is not usually made public. It’s most often shared only between spiritual teachers and their students. The problem with that approach is that, as I’ve said, a lot of people are now having these moments of awakening, and there is very little coher- ent teaching available for them. In that sense, this book is meant to be a welcoming to that new world, that new state of oneness.


Perception is projection!!!! A Course in Miracles. All  we ever percieve: see, taste, touch, hear, smell, is the projection of our own thoughts outwards!!! 

Is it true? Are they true? No! It's just a projection of our thoughts!!!!! Lol!!! 

The truth is within us, only the light within, that energy witihin, the wisdom, profound knowledge within us. The deepest parts of our self. The Self itself!!!!!!!! 

Be still and you can touch the truth! Perception is not the truth!!!!! 

Byron Katy GOT IT SO RIGHT WHEN SHE ASKS SIMPLY IS IT TRUE? She gets us to be still and settle into a deeper wisdom inside of us wherein lies the truth beyond these thoughts! And then we know simply it isn't true. It isn't true! And what we precieve is nothing more than the thoughts projected outward. We call this reality. Isn't!!! It isn't true. Its just thoughts!!! Reality is within us, the deepest parts, wisdom, truth, knowledge within us. Be still and turn in. Go for a walk. Whatever you do to connect with the truth within you. Perception is projection. What we percieve is nothing more than the projection of our thoughts. Your liberation is at hand!!! Is it true? Close your eyes and ears, be still, and ask it is it true?

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The Upanishads, The Sacred Hindu Text (Name what translation this is.)


The Upanishads, The Sacred Hindu Text

The Isa Upanishads

1. All is perfectly perfect
Whatever being lives, moves
and breathes on Earth
At every level from Atom
to Galaxy is absoluteely perfectly in its place
precise and choreographed
Because that flows from the glory of God
The Lord
The Self
Because that flows from the Glory of God,
The Lord
The Self
The Source
Awareness, Peace and Love
and is therfore Perfect.
When you have surrendered your ego to that
You will find true happiness
never ever envy the place of any other man or woman.
2.Although a man or woman may desire
to live for a hundred years
performing good deeds
No other way than this total surrender
Acceptance of what is
shall stop these deeds from binding him or her.
3. There are the worlds of the ignorant
and the wicked
Hipnotized in blind darkness
Those who have lost hold
of knowledge of thier true self
of Consciousness, Reality and love.
They return after death
to various levels of existence
in the vast Universe
as Consciousness ordains.
4. The One, The True Self
of Consciousness, Reality and Love
Although Still
Is swifter than thought
As a greyhound is to a tortoise.
5. Loving the Self, one loves all because the same Consciousness imbues the all. All there is is God, God is all there is. All there is is Consciousness, Consciousness is all there is. These are the essential truths of nonduality, Advaita Vedanta.

My Father: Fathers do not die. Love never dies and its power radiates through all subsequent generations and all I meet!!!

One of the most important people who made me who I am!!!!!! The best part of me is my father!! Humble, generous, helpfull to all, no ego, (still working on that one) hard working, easy going, funny. He was not perfect! He was better than perfect. He was real, and he taught me love did not need to be perfect. It needed to be flawed, so I could learn to love him too! DIVINE!!!!

Fathers do not die. Love never dies and its power radiates through all subsequent generations!!!

"The healer does not heal. He lets healing be." A Course in Miracles

"The healer does not heal. He lets healing be." (My father and my grandmother and my grandfather and all the neighbors in my community where I grew up.) Thier presence was the healing. A Course in Miracles via Eckharte Tolle

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(English/Espanol) "My Life in Havana, Cuba!!!!" Me with Neighborhood Children at My Hairdresser's Rogelio Conde in Lawton in Havana!!! Rogelio is the Hiardresser of the Stars in Cuba!!"

(English) Visiting children in Lawton, Cuba in the summer of 2008. A neighborhood of Havana. My hairdresser

and best friend’s  neighbors!!!!!! The famous Rogelio Conde, Cuban hairdresser for the stars!!! Cuba has

very strong communities! No one has moved since 1958. Neighbors are like extended family.

It very much reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in from 1958 to about 1963!!! I lived in the house

with my grandmother, uncles and my father and mother!

My father had grown up there! Everyone knew everyone and we were in and out of each other's houses!

My father's best friend, Junio and his family, lived across the street.

His children were my best friends. My father drove the same cars from that era that the

Cuban people drive today!!!

And the men in Cuba remind me so much of my dad! Stocky and masculine with white tshirts on, the

sleeves rolled up to the middle or top of thier biceps My dad always carried a pack of pal mals in those rolled up

sleeves, but I have never seen that in Cuba!!!

(Espanol) Visitando a niños en Lawton, Cuba en el verano de 2008. Un barrio de La Habana. ¡¡¡¡Mi peluquero y los vecinos de mi mejor amigo !!!!!! El famoso Rogelio Conde, peluquero cubano de las estrellas !!! ¡Cuba tiene comunidades muy fuertes! Nadie se ha mudado desde 1958. Los vecinos son como una familia extensa. ¡Me recuerda mucho al vecindario en el que crecí desde 1958 hasta aproximadamente 1963! ¡Vivía en la casa con mi abuela, mis tíos y mi padre y mi madre! ¡Mi padre se había criado allí! ¡Todos conocían a todos y estábamos entrando y saliendo de las casas de los demás! El mejor amigo de mi padre vivía al otro lado de la calle y sus hijos eran mis mejores amigos, etc. Mi padre manejaba los mismos carros de esa época que hoy maneja el pueblo cubano !!! ¡Y los hombres en Cuba me recuerdan mucho a mi papá! Bajita y rechoncha con camisetas blancas puestas, las mangas arremangadas. ¡Mi papá siempre llevaba un paquete de amigos en esas mangas remangadas!

Visions of Food Sovereignty from Cuba (Short)/Visiones de La Soberania Alimentaria desde Cuba (Corto): Dr. Peter Rosset & Maria Whittaker at 2008 Cuban Agroecology Encuentro, Havana, Cuba (English/Espanol)

(Espanol/English) El verdadero DIVINO, maestro global, científico, agroecólogo, activista, líder, revolucionario, dedicado, brillante, talentoso maestro y más, el Dr. Peter Rosset y yo, Maria Whittaker en la 7ª Conferencia Bianual de Agricultura Sostenible, La Habana, mayo de 2008. ¿Qué ¡¡¡¡un honor!!!! ¡¡¡Mi primera participación oficial en uno de los eventos del movimiento gastronómico verdaderamente asombrosos de Cuba y la oportunidad de conocer al Dr. Rosset !! ¡¡¡El Dr. Rossett también había impartido el curso corto ese año en la conferencia sobre Agroecología !!! ¡¡Fue fabuloso!! Al no ser un científico y tener un conocimiento básico y general de la agroecología, lo encontré fascinante. Dr. Peter Rosset has graciously accepted to be an advisor to my new initiative "Spiritual Agroecology," which includes the Cuba-USA Agroecology Solidarity Group a 1500 member Cuban, US and beyond, bilingual(Spanish/English) social media group whose mission is to promote understanding, solidarity, friendship and colegiality between Americans and Cubans and mutal work and solidarity for agroecology, farming, human , health, nutrition and global sustainability though people 2 people meetings via the internet and telephone as well as face to face meetings and interactions! The truly DIVINE, global teacher, scientist, agroecologist, activist, leader, revolutionary, dedicated, brilliant, gifted teacher, and more, Dr.
Peter Rosset
and me,
Maria Whittaker
at the 7th Biannual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Havana, May 2008. What an honor!!!! My first offical participation in one of Cuba's truly amazing food movement events and ooportunity to meet Dr. Rosset!!!! Dr. Rossett had also taught the short course that year at the conference on Agroecology!!! It was fabulous!! Not being a scientist myself and just having a general and basic understanding of Agroecology, I found it fascinating.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Randy Gardner, Wisconsin Grain Farmer and Long Time Activist Member of Family Farm Defenders, Leads Our 2010 People's La Via Campesina Food Soveriengty Bus Caravan from St.Louis Potosi, Mexico to Cancun for the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference and the Simultaenous People's Meeting!!!!

Randy Jasper, t(he tall man in the middle) grain and soybean farmer from Wisconsin and Family Farm Defender member,

showing solidarity with fellow grain and bean farmers from La Palma, Mexico, "the "Xi UIY people" 

who lost the land on which they had lived to a superhighway in Mexico . Juan is on the left holidng thier banner!Their ancestors lived and

farmed on that same land before the Spanish arrived. We all rode together on Caravan 1 from San

Luis Potosi to Mexico City demonstrating along the way. The gentelamn next to Randy was from France I believe!!!

Randy, Tristan From Why Hunger and our companeros from the Frente demonstarting in Mexico City.

Thousands of people were in the streets!!!!!!!!!

USA People's Delegation meeting with (From right to left) Tony Schultz, Wisconisn Family Farmer. Angelica Salazar, Rural Coalition, Blain Snipstal, Rural Coalition!!!!  and more.....

RandyGardner, Wisconsin farmer and long time activist member of Family Farm Defenders was amazing on the Mexican La Via Campesina Caravan in 2010!!! He was our American delegation leader and one of the leaders of our bus and the carvan. He was fearless and full of wisdom, experience, and humor and true grit!!!!!! Nothing fazed him! He was always in good spirits, jovial, full of humor and wit, and goodness. He loved everyone and everyone loved him including the indigeous Mexican peasant farmers who travelled with us!!!! The XI UIY people!!!! They had been pushed off of thier land centuries ago by the Spanish conquistadors and subsequent Meican society, and continuously discriminated against and excluded from the beneifts of society. Sadly nothing less than a type of genocide and human delusion at its worst!!! But they are still here noentheless lifting up thier cause and thier culture and peoples!!!!!

As far as I remember he was the only actuall USA farmer on the Caravann!!!! Tony Schultz, a young Wisconsin farmer from Family Farm Defenders joined us in Cancun. I got off the carvan in Mexico City and flew from there to Cancun!!! I was overwhelmed!!!!! While some parts of the caravan were absolutely beautiful and warm, at times, at other times, like at our protest at them mine in St. Lousi Potosi, the tension was palpably intense!!!

Eyeryone, everyone, The Mexican People, most of all, the salt of the Earth had poured out to so many of the meetings as we crossed Mexico, and they cheered, applauded, and listened intently to everything Randy had to say (wIth translation) . He knew what he was talking about as a real. true to life, farmer. I know he shared with me he had lost one of his fingers to a combine that he worked now, having lost his farm.


He had NO EGO!!! He was all just real, sincere and goodness itself. The media mobbed him!!!

As did the real people of Mexico, peasant indigenous farmers carrying forward the wisdom of thier people

millennia old!

He was leadership itself and taught me some of the most important lessons I have learned for my own

personal growthI wish you could have seen him!!! He was on. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for this world and he did

more than fulfill this opportunity!!!.

It was truly amazing!!!!!! Some of those interviews which were mostly translated into Spanish hopefully

maybe are on line somewhere.


Here is one interview of Randy I found!!!!


Randy is and John Kinsman and you and all and FFD just mean more and more to me the longer I am

associated with you all. THe longer I am associated with you all, I just see more and more who and what

you all really are. It is absolutely no accident I see now more  clearly that I have been with y'all for so

long now and now I both see that more clearly and am beginning to truly understand it. 


My dad was from the hills of Kentucky. His family moved to “the bottoms” in Columbus, Ohio when he

was small I believe. He had three brothers and two sisters and was the youngest brother and quite close

to his two sisters. They lived in what was known as the Bottoms in COlumbus Ohio at that time, and

I fortunately spent a lot of time there at my grandmother’s  house until I was about 6. Almost very moment

at my grandmother

S house was divine, pure love, pure joy!!!


 I  was  with my little brother, one year younger than Myself. We do not know, my mother and I, but we

believe his family had a lot of indigenous heritage. THey definitely had EUropean and African heritage

but they also looked very native or Indigenous. Once I saw Mexican people for real, they just reminded

me of my dad so much. But my dad never talked about it.


He was the most humble and real person I have ever known. Truly the salt of the Earth. His whole family

is and was like that. They hate compliments. They just aren't interested. If people needed  help, they just

helped them; they didn't ask questions etc. 


If someone needs a ride you stop and pick them up. In my case, my mother needed help and my 'dad'

stepped in to help my mom with me, because my birth father had abandoned us. 

My mom was a gifted college student on a scholarship from the Catholic church! But for him, my Dad, 

and his whole family, the salt of the Earth, I honestly do not believe I would be writing this email to you today. I would be somewhere strung out on the street, beyond help. like so many beings.  My dad was not a family farmer, but he could have been if maybe his family had stayed in Kentucky. He worked at a factory after serving in WWII, a big mistake said my dad, who also shared with me he only always shot in the air. He served in the Philippines and still had nightmares from his experience when I was growing up. 


Randy and John Kinsman and all these family farmers are people like my dad,  I now see. 

The best kind of people.

The kind of people who really make this world a better place.

People who aren't in this for themselves, or to amass fortune or fame or any of that nonsense.

They just do what needs to be done in the moment and they don't ask questions; they just do

what needs to be done!!!.


Sometimes I call my dad and people like this, "God's people." They just do what is right because they

"surrendered" a long time ago.


Randy really showed me "how to surrender (to the higher power)" essentially. To just do what's

right without even a thought about what's in it 4 U. U just do it because this is what is, is right and 4

the good of the all. ANd just because.


I am still working at this, dropping my ego essentially, but my dad and Randy in Mexico and FFD itself

really show and help  me how to do this very well.


It is the most important thing. Its the most important thing in life. 

ANd it is at the core of FFD. the family farmer,  the family farm this way of life.

It's so important.

Its so real.


It's learning to live and be in a way that your own survival and flourishing contribute to the survival and

flourishing of the all.


That is what being a Family Farmer means to me in the most broad perspective..

To me that is what FFD, John Kinsman, Randy, you and all at FFD are truly about. 

Living in a way that contributes to the all and nourishes you and your family and farm community

(and nation and world) as well.


We people, including myself, have to truly learn this and get this one down if we are are to thrive and



Randy really showed me that; he showed me what it meant for this to be not about "just us,"

but about US All. He was/ is  magnificent truly. 


And at the most profound level as we travelled across Mexico that was his message!!!!

“We" not "I," are all in this together."  That is what the people, the masses heard, that is what he said

and that is the truth.


He did such a great job  for Truth itself in that caravan and for me in planting in me the seeds

that would one day help me begin to see the more profound truth of who he was, who

the Mexican peasants were that flocked to the Caran's gathering and

what this "life" all is. 


He showed me really what it mean to be "a family farmer," 

It's a truth that is so far beyond and above "the thinking of this world" but so critical and true and important.

It is some kind of universal truth. something cosmic and I see and hear it in all the stories of family farmers,

community farmers, et al.


I was really fortunate to have been able to travel on this caravan with Randy.

He planted so many seeds of wisdo, that just keep growing now.

And I needed that because my mind was so little and shut!!!!


People like Randy cannot die in truth. 

They, their very presence,  have influenced so many and so much and wisdom and knowledge itself that

"they " just keep growing and  giving and influencing. 

This is true for "Randy" and John Kinsman and FFD and so many others.

I am so glad I got to interview John Kinsman for a radio show in KC and to meet him at FarmAid in

WIsconsin, and to be part of his continuation, FFD and his work.

I fit so well.

Real values, Real people, Real Community.

And the most important thing for we human beings.


My dad is smiling. Like he always used to say, one day "Reat a Reat, "You will Understand."

 I am making progress learning what Randy already knew and what John Kinsman already knew too!

And what FFD truly stands for!!!



"Me and Randy Jasper, grain and soybean farmer from Wisconsin, former dairy farmer. He gave it up because as he said, why kill yourself for nothing. We rode on Caravan 1 together from San Luis Potosi, Mexico  to Mexico City and met again in Cancun, Mexico  at the La Via Campesina Alternative Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice. ( I could not take the caravan's extreme discomfort and tensions at time. however, Randy Jasper, went the whole route by carvan. This picture was taken there at that camp on December 12. Randy is a great guy and was a great companion for Caravan 1, except for his taunting me with gummy bears and worms when I was hungry." (on a lighter note!) December 8, 2010.


Blain B. Snipstal, me, and Randy Jasper. Carlos Marentes, Sr. in the background.

in Cancun, Mexico at the La Via Campesina Alternative Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice.




Blain B. Snipstal, me, Randy Jasper, grain and soybean farmer from Wisconsin and mi companero from Caravan 1, Tony Schultze, vegetable farmer in Wisconsin at Cancun 2010 La Via Campesina Alternative Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice.

— in Mexico.




Display's created at the People's Forum. 










Two of the "Xi Uiy" people who travelled with Randy across Mexico from St. Louis Potosi to Cancun.










































One of our "XI UIY" Comrades who travelled across Mexico with Randy Jasper. (He is the spitting image of my own father and shares the same humble and calm demeanor.)






















Me and my father at my college graduation. 

Art on display at the People's Forum in Cancun, Mexico, December 2010/


Love and humility.

Maria Whittaker

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